We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our services: Remote Location Filing (RLF), which is a relatively new program offered by Customs & Border Protection (CBP). RLF enables us to electronically process custom clearing documentations on your behalf at any port in the United States. 

It’s something that we all benefit from, as it expedites clearance times, uniforms entry processing, and significantly reduces costs.


Provides one consistent point of Customer Service contact

Reduces overall clearance processing time

Simplifies Customs record keeping

Improves compliance with Customs Directives

Reduces Customs entry transaction fees

Provides for more consistent cargo processing

Cuts communication costs

Cost Savings in messenger fees

T.H. Weiss, Inc. will transmit via ABI all appropriate electronic information, including any special requirements relating to the specific Customs approved RLF port of entry.

Once the RLF entry is transmitted, Customs & Border Protection will transmit the necessary electronic releases from Customs as well as other government agencies. In many cases, our customers have access to their cargo, days sooner than cargo processed by traditional methods.

If you are interested to learn more about Remote Location Filing and how it can benefit your organization, or to see if your company qualifies, please contact our Customer Service Team for additional details.

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