We have extensive experience handling urgent and perishable product shipments and we offer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service availability.

Whenever possible, we receive pre-approval information electronically or by FAX, and arrange pre-release by Customs and other agencies.

We have established service standards for the handling of surface and air imports. We provide exception reports, which are utilized by manages to ensure that standards are met and exceptions are noted, investigated and resolved. Our processes are highly automated, reducing the chance of error.

Our supervision and management procedures include specific audit points at which transactions are reviewed for timeliness and accuracy. Periodic detailed audits are performed to ensure consistent quality control throughout our organization.

All or locations are fully operational ABI partners with U.S. Customs. We also participate in cargo selectivity (electronic release), one-step quota processing, and ACH (Automated Clearing House). There are many benefits to the importer from a financial control standpoint to be realized through the implementation of ACH.

Recent statistical date on our A.B.I. performance is as follows: of all entries transmitted through A.B.I. 98% of all entries are paid via ACH 95% of all entries are transmitted error-free (some errors are system-related and unavoidable) 97% of all entries are processed at Customs without rejection.

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