T. H. Weiss, Inc. is a full-service licensed customs broker specializing in importing, exporting, trucking, consulting and warehousing. Established in January 1985 by Ted H. Weiss and headquartered in New York, T. H. Weiss, Inc. provides high quality, just-in-time delivery for inbound, outbound and domestic shipments.

T.H. Weiss, Inc. offers a variety of customs brokerage services designed to facilitate the movement of goods as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Known for taking a personalized hands-on approach to each shipment, T.H. Weiss diverse clientel depend on its services for shipping a wide variety of goods ranging from telecommunications and computer equipment to perishables.

In addition to international and domestic shipping, T.H. Weiss, Inc. also provides seven day a week entry preparation and 24 hour passenger assistance. With six offices staffed seven days a week, T.H. Weiss, Inc. tailors its operations to meet the distinct needs and unique requirements of each client.

T.H. Weiss, Inc. is proficient with all import compliance and classification issues including the customs modernization and informed compliance act of 1993. Each T.H. Weiss employee is up-to-date on the latest customs rules and regulations and is experienced working with the latest technology. Along with electronic interfaces that allow immediate connections with US government agencies, including U.S. Customs, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). T.H. Weiss, Inc. has a worldwide network of associate agents enabling it to provide its clients with seamless and expeditious means of transporting products from port of origin to final destination.

All T.H. Weiss, Inc. offices are strategically located for easy entries and exits in and out of the United States. With locations in New York, Elizabeth, New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia and Boston, Massachusetts, T.H. Weiss, Inc. is dedicated to offering its clients the highest level of service at competitive rates.
T.H. Weiss, Inc
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